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Autism in the News – 03.01.12

SPOTLIGHT: Teachers of autistic students use iPads (Glen Gllyn, Ill.)
Teachers of students with autism say it’s the year of the iPad. It provides motivation. It helps with therapy and handwriting practice. It even models appropriate ways to share toys or take turns. Read more.

Autism, clean stream projects win fair (Muskogee Phoenix)
Winning exhibits at the Muskogee Regional Science & Engineering Fair could help people with autism communicate and help clean area streams. Read more. 

Autism Associates Comes to the Area (Perkiomen Valley)
Debbie Greenwald, Autism Specialist, Board Certified associate Behavior Analyst, Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Certified Consultant, is the founder of Autism Associates – a program that provides services for families affected by autism and other neurological disorders. Read more.

Autism Speaks prepares for walk, 5K Sunday in West Palm Beach (Palm Beach Daily News)
Being connected has its benefits. When their then-2-year-old grandson Christian was diagnosed with autism in 2004, Bob and Suzanne Wright of Palm Beach and New York let their fingers do the walking. The developmental disease took their grandson’s ability to talk. Read more.

Autism coverage bill clears House (The Salt Lake Tribune)
A bill that would qualify hundreds of young children with autism for Medicaid coverage during a two-year pilot program passed easily through the House Wednesday on its way to the Senate. Read more. 

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