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Autism in the News – 02.06.12

Revised Autism Definition Too Important to Rush Into Print: View (Bloomberg)
When is a person just a little different, and when is his peculiarity a symptom of a disabling disorder? Read more.

Parents of autistic children hope to win coverage for care (Livingston Daily)
Justin and Amie Giersdorf’s plans for a second child were all but dashed in July when their son was diagnosed with autism — a disability they learned could cost them upward of $30,000 annually to have treated. Read more.

Autistic man struggles in Iowa’s mental health system (Des Moines Register)
Nobody in Iowa has a place for Jeff Paprocki. Since early October, Paprocki has been locked behind two sets of heavy wood and steel doors at a Des Moines hospital’s psychiatric ward. He hasn’t been outside a single time. He receives little therapy for his serious autism. He sees his family only every other Sunday, when they make the two-hour drive from Waterloo. Read more.

Autistic kids pad their knowledge (Gazette Times)
Debra Redpath’s students in the Communications classroom at Liberty Elementary School have a new tool to process everything from math facts to conversation skills: 13 iPads, one for each student. Read more.

Babies born with either parent over 35 ‘at autism risk’ (Deccan Herald)
Here’s an advice for young couples — make sure you don’t delay your progeny too much, for a study says that babies born with either parent over the age of 35 are a higher risk of suffering from autism. Read more.

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  1. February 7, 2012 at 1:17 am

    “One would then expect that if a couple had these particular mutations in both the sperm and the egg, then they would have a higher risk for autism than if only one parent had the particular mutation. We don’t see this pattern.”

    “Experts are not fully satisfied with the findings published in the ‘Annals Of Epidemiology’ journal.”
    (Both from http://www.deccanherald.com/content/225000/babies-born-either-parent-over.html)


    How does this kind of nonsense actually get coverage? If mom’s older, there’s higher risk, if dad’s older, there’s higher risk, but if both are older there is no add’l risk over a single ‘older’ parent? And that didn’t give them pause before publishing?

    Man, this is the Jenny McCarthy plan for publicity success. Use the word autism, regardless of the value of what you have to say, or how many people you have to hurt, and people will listen.

    Makes my heart hurt. This is why the conversation/debate is so important. Right now there are a gazillion 40ish year old parents without the education to think critically saying, “Oh my God!…look at what we’ve done to our child by waiting so long to have him/her.” There’s not a shred if intelligent information in the article, yet it has the power to change lives…I really hate that.


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