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Autism in the News – 12.29.11

Love, Autism, And Excellent Modern Journalism (Palisades Hudson Financial Group)
In case you missed it during Monday’s holiday, The New York Times published a magazine-length profile of a young man and a young woman, each of whom have Asperger’s, who are building a loving relationship together. I found it noteworthy for several reasons. Read more.

Sarah Haskins, Olympic Triathlete, Comes Home to High Ridge (Arnold Patch)
Olympic Triathlete Sarah Haskins came home for the holidays to High Ridge last  week from her winter home in Florida, where she and her husband, Nathan Kortuem, live. Haskins is in training for a push to improve on her 11th place finish in the 2008 Beijing Olympics triathlon. She is hoping to make the U.S. team that will compete in the 2012 Summer Games in London next August. Read more.

Rooney and Owen act as an aid for a child suffering from cancer (Sports Pulse)
A die-hard football fan, aged 12, recovered from cancer with the help of motivation from Manchester United front-line players, Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen. Read more.

Inclusion Films teaches developmentally disabled adults all aspects of filmmaking (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Greg Donoghue grew up around film sets. His father worked as a film publicist in Europe and his uncle is Pierre Spengler, a producer of the “Superman” movies. Read more.

Blackburn farm launches social enterprise for adults with special needs (UK)
Adults with special needs can now boost their career prospects by working on a Blackburn farm. Read more.

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