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Autism in the News – 12.28.11

Autism: A Year In Review (Huffington Post)
In the United States, we’ve seen a fifteen-fold increase in autism diagnoses over the past two decades. In fact, it’s currently estimated that almost 1% of US children have an autism-spectrum disorder (ASD), while the rates in US adults are largely unknown. Autism is described in the DSM-IV, listed as a disorder usually first diagnosed in infancy, childhood, or adolescence. Autism is further categorized as a pervasive developmental disorder, falling within the autistism spectrum, along with Asperger’s and PDD-NOS.  Read more.

Boy with autism put in duffle bag at school: Change.org responds (SFGate.com)
A young Kentucky boy and his mother have become the center of a national petition after  a school employee allegedly put her son in a bag. Read more.

Autism center hopes grant will help it help others (Green Bay, Wis.)
Twenty-year-old Northeast Wisconsin Technical College student Joe Morton is painting for the first time. He’s has a spectrum of colors to choose from. For the canvas he’s working on at the moment, he’s chosen red and blue. Read more.

Fundraising begins for autistic son of slain East Washington officer (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
Friends and colleagues of slain East Washington police Officer John David Dryer have begun raising money for his 17-year-old son, whose autism challenges him to articulate his grief. Read more. Read more.

It Takes a (Christmas) Village to Raise a Child With Autism (Huffington Post)
We’re three years apart, my brother and me. I’m a city mouse. He’s a suburb mouse. He drives a big suburban truck. I ride the subway. He works in finance and subsists on Diet Pepsi and cheeseburgers. I’m a latte-sipping, teacher and poet. There’s a major cultural divide. On Sundays, his kids go to mass and play soccer. On Sundays my kids set up for the Hope Dinner at my church and study art at the museum. Read more.

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