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Autism in the News – 12.20.11

Greenwich families struggle to cope with autism (Greenwich, Calif.)
Nestled in the pews of a Greenwich church for the First Communion ceremony of her 9-year-old son last summer, Brenda Landsman gazed with bittersweet longing at the line of little girls, twirling in white dresses as flowers dangled from their hair. Read more.

Autism can make Christmas stressful (UK)
A Plymouth man is on a mission to raise awareness of challenges people affected by autism face at Christmas. Marco Gianetti, who has Asperger syndrome, has described how the festive season can be difficult for people living with autism. Read more.

Group gives iPad2s to autistic students (Rocky Mount Telegram)
While Apple users across the world are utilizing the iPad2 to share pictures and as a portable social media instrument, members of Nash Autism Seeking Hope are distributing the devices to even the educational playing field for children diagnosed with autism. Read more

A mainstream or a specialist school? – The autism education debate continues (Mancunian Matters)
Parents want the best for their children and deciding on where they should be educated is a major decision for them to make. This could be a challenge for any parent but when their child is autistic this becomes a much more complex problem. Read more.

Blue Cross change concerns patient advocates for autistic children (Twin Cities)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota will begin dropping coverage in most cases for a costly therapy for autistic children as early as Jan. 1 – a change that has patient advocates worried about losing coverage through a key state program, too. Read more. 


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