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Autism in the News – 12.09.11

Broadway Strikes an Autism-Friendly Chord (HealthDay News)
For most Americans, attending the theater is just one more form of entertainment. But for Katie Sweeney and her family, a recent trip to Broadway was true cause for celebration. Read more.

MyAutismTeam: A New Site for Families With Autism (TIME)
In September, Emily Ybarra saw an ad on Facebook for MyAutismTeam, a new site where parents of kids with autism can connect. Because Ybarra has a young son with autism, she clicked and was almost immediately rewarded. Read more.

Living Life With Autism II: Perspectives (Forbes)
Given the number of comments and emails generated by last month’s article, revisiting the discussion, from a different place, was important. The fact that adults with autism were not included in the original article was a shortcoming of the piece, but it was also an interesting barometer of the situation in the U.S. As Landon Bryce, an autistic educator, pointed out to me on the phone, “to publish an article without talking to people with autism…what were you thinking? On the other hand, it’s the norm!” Read more.

Brooklyn Autism Center Gives Kids One-on-One Help (Brooklyn Heights, N.Y.)
A Brooklyn Heights school for Autistic children is giving kids the close attention they need to help them thrive. Read more.

Autistic artist asked to create piece after chance (UK)
Painting a giant canvas of one of Edinburgh’s most intricate and well-known buildings would be a challenge for even the most renowned artist. Read more.

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