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Autism in the News – 12.02.11

Prozac May Lessen Autism Symptom in Adult (WebMD)
The antidepressant Prozac appears to be useful for treating a defining symptom of autism spectrum disorder — repetitive, compulsive behavior. Read more.

Mt. Pleasant Elementary Engages Autistic Children (West Orange Patch)
Autism affects each child differently. Building a program that focuses on the developmental needs of the individual child while integrating the varying levels of functionality across its design is challenging. Read more.

Hillsboro Education Center provides autism teacher training and services for disabled youngsters (Hillsboro, Ore.)
Hayden Amanna, 5, and Justin Ngo, 4, don’t know it, but they’re being spied on. The boys are working with teachers in an intensive learning classroom at the Northwest Regional Education Service District Hillsboro Education Center. Read more.

Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center pulls out of request to use controversial autism treatment (Seacacus, N.J.)
Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center has withdrawn its request to use an experimental and controversial method of treating autistic children with hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Read more.

My boyfriend is autistic (UK)
Dear Coleen, My boyfriend’s family told me four months ago that they’ve always known he has autistic traits. They never told him, so the issue wasn’t tackled. Read more.

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