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Autism in the News – 12.01.11

Bullied For Being Autistic? 12-Year-Old Student Hangs Himself (UK)
12-year-old Michael Raven was found hanged in his bedroom on Monday at his home in Burnley, Lancashire, in the UK. The cause of Michael’s death has yet to be confirmed but police are not treating his death as suspicious. Michael was a student at St. Wilfrid’s Church of England Academy and, following his tragic death, Facebook tributes have emerged that claim that he was teased and bullied by girls because he was autistic. Read more.

ICare4Autism and Haifa University Break New Ground in Applied Autism Technology (Israel)
On November 22, 2011, more than 400 researchers, educators, technologists and parent advocates gathered at the University of Haifa to attend the day-long ICare4Autism Applied Autism Technology Conference to learn about the latest interventions and technological advances now available to help meet the needs of children with autism. Read more.

Autism speaks launches ‘visual supports’ tool kit (New York, N.Y.)
Autism Speaks, North America’s largest autism science and advocacy organization today released the Visual Supports and Autism Spectrum Disorder tool kit providing valuable guidance to parents, families and providers about how to utilize pictures, photographs and other visual supports to improve communication for children, adolescents and adults who struggle with understanding or using language. For children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), not only can visual supports greatly facilitate routine communication and improve language comprehension, visual supports are also useful in explaining social interactions, daily transitions from one activity to another and can facilitate adaptation to new situations for children and adolescents with ASD. Read more.

Living Life With Autism: Has Anything Really Changed? (Forbes)
There’s so much talk of the origins of autism these days, it’s hard not to think of it as a childhood disorder. But we tend to forget that there is a fast growing number of adults living with autism in the country today. According to Autism Speaks, in the next decade alone, 500,000 children with autism will come of age. So we have to wonder, what lies in store for the young adults who will soon age out of the special education system? What kind of lives will they lead? Has public awareness of the disorder led to any real change?  Read more.

Averett opens new autism center (GoDanRiver)
Southern Virginia has the highest rate of autistic children in the commonwealth, according to Averett University president Tiffany Franks. That is one of the reasons Averett opened the Carrington Autism Resource Center to help children in the region who have the developmental disorder. Read more. 

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