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Autism in the News – 11.29.11

Head Size Tied to Regressive Autism in Boys (HealthDay News)
Boys with regressive autism have a larger head circumference and bigger brains than other children, a new study finds. Read more.

Technology unlocks doors for learning disabled (Canada)
Lord Roberts was a British military commander of some fame whose picture outstares anyone passing along the hallway of the school bearing his name in Vancouver’s West End. Read more.

Boy’s artistic ability overcomes his Autism (Cleveland, Ohio)
Justin Peterson amazes everybody around him with his artistic abilities. Justin Peterson was born November 8, 1995.  Around the age of three he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, and had been fully diagnosed at the age of seven with the devastating disease known as Autism. Read more.

College material: More students with autism, learning disabilities and special needs attend campuses in Genesee County (Flint, Mich.)
The cartoon rabbit sporting urban streetwear on Nicholas Pentecost’s sketch pad is a bit of a nonconformist. Read more.

Autistic toddler denied bedroom of his own. (UK)
Autistic toddler Ryan Finney is desperate for his own bedroom. But his parents Kelvin and Lisa have been told there are almost 300 people ahead of them on the waiting list for a three bedroom house. Read more.

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