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Autism in the News – 11.21.11

Single Mom of Three Autistic Children Writes Book About Surviving War, Surviving Autism (Los Gatos, Calif.)
Kim Yen Nguyen has published her first book, an autobiography about the challenges of surviving war, only to fight again for the livelihood of her family years later when autism strikes all three of her children. Touching experiences from the author’s trip down memory lane, including a chance encounter with John F. Kennedy Jr., unconditional love for her children, and the dedication of staff and teachers helped her to achieve an inner strength and enabled her to weather the turbulent storm of a divorce. Read more.

Autistic Teessider’s poster reaches European final (UK)
An autistic Teessider with a passion for graphic design is one of 10 finalists in a European competition. Read more.

Ministry of Health to organize Autism conference (Dubai)
The Ministry of Health will organize a conference on Autism next month at Zayed University in Dubai. Read more.

Doctors Push For Fathers To Become Involved With Their Autistic Children’s Care (NY1)
As autism becomes the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States, doctors in a new documentary express concerns that that fathers of these children with special needs are sometimes reluctant to face the issue. NY1’s Cheryl Wills filed the second part of this report. Read more.

Concert is music to the ears of Staten Island families touched by autism (Staten Island, N.Y.)
For families impacted by autism, events like concerts can be awkward, coming with lots of not-so-subtle stares if an autistic family member makes noise or moves around in his seat. But that wasn’t the scene when the Aurista Chamber Music Group performed at the Bernikow JCC in Sea View yesterday. Read more.

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