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Autism in the News – 11.16.11

Free autism screenings for children planned (Lehigh Acres Citizen)
The Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida, in partnership with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southwest Florida, offers a free monthly autism spectrum disorder screening for toddlers 18 months to five years of age. Read more.

What happens when autistic kids grow up? (Naperville Sun)
Like most teenagers, 18-year-old Ryan Wall enjoys playing sports, attending high school football games and dances, and socializing with friends. But as Ryan nears the end of his senior year at Naperville Central, his parents face an unsettling question … now what? Read more.

iPads & Autism (Marietta Times)
Helping children with autism spectrum disorder and other barriers to everyday communication learn and speak their minds? Read more.

Dad ‘snapped’ when autistic son sent to home, court told (Canada)
A wrenching portrait of a family’s struggle to help their severely autistic son emerged Tuesday during the inquiry into the deaths of the 11-year-old boy and his father. Read more.

School uses dogs to help autistic students in the classroom (Flushing, Mich.)
Two years ago, special education teachers at Central Elementary School in Flushing never dreamed they would see their autistic students walking a dog. Read more.

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  1. November 17, 2011 at 2:31 am

    The article on preparing for adulthood resonated with me. I know so many parents who struggle with this. There are so many services for kids 22 and under, but once you hit that magic age, it all just stops coming. An adult with autism deserves a chance at a productive and satisfying life like all the rest of us. I am 27 with Asperger’s and it has been difficult for me too. Here are some more resources that might be able to help http://www.aspergerssociety.org/articles/support.htm . I hope in the future we see the rise of more services for adults.

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