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Autism in the News – 11/01/11

Autistics Speaking Day broadcasts autistic voices (The Washington Times)
Last fall, an Australian early-intervention organization designated November 1 as “Communication Shutdown Day.” The day is intended for those in the autism community to fall silent online to highlight the communication difficulties that often come with autism. Read more.

Autism: 10 Frequently Asked Questions Answered (SF Gate)
Did you know that parents of children with autism like it when you ask them questions about their experience? At least I do. Sometimes we get tongue tied when answering because autism is complicated, and because we are emotional. Here is a list of the 10 most frequent questions that I am asked, along with answers: Read more.

Theater offers sensory-friendly screening for kids with autism, ADD, ADHD (Montgomery Advertiser)
For many families with autis­tic children, movies are stressful, a time when “social coaching” is done before the children take their seats. Read more.

Autism Alert (WKBW.com)
Tiny babies face a lot of threats to their health and today’s news adds another to the list. Parents and scientists are very interested these days in learning more about the causes of autism. In a new study, researchers found that small babies have a higher risk. Read more.

Mayor’s Award for a Special School That Embraces the Arts (The New York Times)
Ronnie Shuster has learned that a student with emotional disturbance may not feel comfortable speaking in class, but may sing into a microphone without inhibition. She has watched students with autism, some lacking any verbal capabilities, take part in school plays by sketching out the scenery or dancing with an ensemble. Read more.


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