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Autism in the News – 10.19.11

Bullying: survey will measure impact on children with autism (SF Gate)
Abby, a nine year old from Maryland with Asperger Syndrome, was constantly teased by fellow students about her autism-related behavior. To help her cope, teachers set aside a safe place for Abby to go to each week. The bullying and teasing continued as children put up derogatory signs in the space and mimicked Abby’s emotional outbursts. In the end, Abby’s mother resorted to home schooling. Read more.

Special education millage could mean growth for Anchor Bay services (The Voice)
A special education millage for the Macomb Intermediate School District will appear on the Nov. 8 ballot and Anchor Bay School District employees say they see the possibility of an additional $1.2 million toward special needs programs as a vital component to helping these children build their future. Read more.

Neuroscience Institute Seeking Research Project Participants (Warren Patch)
The ultimate goal is monumental. The initial one seems fairly simple. The Atlantic Neuroscience Institute at Overlook Medical Center is looking for a minimum of 40 autistic students from Morris-Union Jointure Commission district schools, along with 40 young people without autism, to take part in a genetics study. Read more.

Seven years for abuse of son with autism (Canada)
An Edmonton man found guilty of abusing and locking up his teenage autistic son has been sentenced to seven years in prison. Read more.

Doug Flutie is Penn Foundation’s featured speaker (PhillyBurbs.com)
Heisman Trophy winner and autism advocate Doug Flutie will be the featured speaker when Penn Foundation holds its ninth annual Autumn Event on Tuesday in the auditorium at Calvary Church in Souderton. Read more.

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  1. Kathy Silverstein
    October 27, 2011 at 11:52 pm

    I was bullied when I was a kid and it was not easy. I have Asperger’s and I can attest that this is definitely a problem. It really affects your self esteem and self concept. It makes it hard to like yourself and to have enough confidence in yourself to be able to make friends. The effects can last for years after, even when you are in completely different environments. I strongly believe that there should be more bullying prevention programs in schools, and that schools should make bullying prevention a component of their curriculum.
    I came across this article the other day about just how prevalent bullying can be in schools, http://www.aspergerssociety.org/articles/52v.htm

    I hope in the future we can come up with better solutions to this problem.

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