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Autism in the News – 10.18.11

Autism Linked to Babies Born at Low Weight (WebMD)
Low-birth-weight babies may be five times more likely to be later diagnosed with autism than children born at a normal weight, according to a new study. Read more.

Transitioning Children with Autism to School (University of California, Riverside)
A University of California, Riverside education professor has started recruiting children for a first-of-its-kind study that will assess how children with autism adapt to the early school years and identify predictors that will lead to a successful transition. Read more.

Unity is strength for Washington school’s parent group (Sunderland Echo)
A new support group to help families and children with autism has been launched at a Wearside school. Biddick School Sports College has launched the Parent Support Group at its Unity Centre, which caters for young people with autism and Aspergers. Read more.

Special school nurtures special kids (Wareham, Mass.)
When you go through the pain of losing a child, you can either choose to move forward or lose yourself in the overwhelming grief. Read more.

Autism Needs To Be Understood More (New Zealand)
It has been revealed according to a recent report that if the birth weight of a baby is low, it might raise the risk of autism. Read more.

Watching an Autistic Child Regress (The New York Times)
Terrible pain too often accompanies mother-love (and father-love for that matter). I could not let Megan Liberman’s post from Monday on Emily Rapp’s Notes From a Dragon Mom inch down the screen without flagging another — admittedly far less hopeless — reflection on maternal loss that I read some days ago in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Read more.

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  1. October 29, 2011 at 3:12 am

    I like the article about the special school in MA that a mother built after she lost her special needs child. Losing a child is such a devastating thing, that of course you can become lost in the grief and tragedy of it all. But I know from personal experience that if you can find a way to make something positive out of something negative, it really helps the healing process. It gives meaning to things. So I give great credit to this mother who managed to create a place that would help so many other people. As this article I found the other night can attest, school is hard enough for kids with autism (http://www.aspergerssociety.org/articles/28v.htm ), and having a place like this can really help kids succeed educationally and socially.

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