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Autism in the News – 10.11.11

Scientists find gene link to autism (Australia)
A cluster of genes is missing in children with autism, US scientists have found, saying it has moved them a significant step towards unmasking the genetic underpinnings of the condition. Read more.

Autism Linked With Lack of Concern for Personal Reputation, Study Finds (Fox News)
People tend to change their behavior in social situations in order to boost how others see them — for instance, they may act more altruistically if they know their actions are being publicly scrutinized. However, such a concern for reputation may be lacking in those who have the developmental disorder autism, a new study finds. Read more.

Man Brings Asperger’s Syndrome to Light Through Stand-Up Comedy and Non-Profit Organization (South Orange, N.J.)
Peter Eichler has lived with Asperger’s Syndrome, a mild form of autism, for years – even before he had a name for his condition. His experiences and subsequent triumphs led him to found Adam 2 Adam, a non-profit organization intended to promote awareness of autism spectrum disorders and provide mentoring to young adults with Asperger’s and other autism-related conditions. Read more.

Special ball to honour autism sufferer Emily (UK)
A glitzy red-carpet ball is to be held in honour of a young girl with autism. Thirteen-year-old Emily Perera was diagnosed with the syndrome at the age of nine. Read more.

Support Assembly bill on autism task force (Syracuse.com)
I totally agree with the Oct. 3 letter from Ann Vaquero regarding Assembly Bill A-411-A, as I am also the parent of an autistic adult daughter. Read more.

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