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Autism in the News – 09.30.11

Donations sought for Kennewick murder victim (tricityherald.com)
Friends of a Kennewick man shot by his mother in a murder-suicide are collecting donations in his name to help raise awareness about autism. Read more.

Early, Intense Therapy Benefits Children with Autism (Psych Central)
Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are typified by impaired social-communication skills. Children and adolescents with ASD have difficulty understanding, interacting and relating with others. Read more.

Now, drug for high BP may cure autism (The Times of India)
University of Missouri researchers have found that a drug used to treat high blood pressure and control heart rate as well as to reduce anxiety may help improve language and social function in people with autism. Read more.

Autism funding bill expected to be signed into law; among the advocates is Rep. Chris Smith (NJ.com)
A bill sponsored by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith providing nearly $700 million to fund autism research and programs is expected to be signed into law today. Read more.

Ministry offers service for autistic children (Marion, Calif.)
Oakland United Methodist Church, 835 Bellefontaine Ave., will have its first Autism Outreach worship service at 6 p.m. Saturday. The church will offer the service, which it adapted to the needs of autistic individuals and their families, on the last Saturday of the month. Read more.

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