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Autism in the News – 09.20.11

New research to help students with autism (Health Canal)
Three Australian research partners have announced a major study with wide implications for the education of children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Read more.

South Jordan scout has earned all 132 merit badges (South Jordan, Utah)
The goal of every boy scout is to earn at least 21 merit badges and become an Eagle Scout, but one scout from South Jordan went much further, earning every possible merit badge. Read more.

Autism: Is It An ‘Obsession’ Or Just A Preferred Interest? (The Huffington Post)
Joel knows a lot about dinosaurs. His parents are told that he must put a stop to this obsession so he can focus on other subjects. Marcy can sing every Joni Mitchell song but speaks only a few words. She is put in a class for lower-functioning children and taught menial labor skills. My son, Neal, loves bees. He actually picks them up, examines them and then puts them back onto a flower without getting stung. Read more.

Support for parents who face trials of autistic kids (UK)
What is it about supermarkets? Is your weekly shop more meltdown than melt-in-the-mouth? Surviving tantrums is a parenting rite of passage. Read More. Read more.

Megamall to offer friendly movie atmosphere for patrons with autism (Star Tribune)
Families with autistic children are being given an opportunity to be themselves while taking in a movie at the Mall of America. Read more.

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