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Autism in the News – 09.16.11

New clues to understanding autism (UB Reporter)
The first transgenic mouse model of a rare and severe type of autism called Timothy Syndrome is improving the scientific understanding of autism spectrum disorder in general and may help researchers design more targeted interventions and treatments. Read more.

Rescued autistic boy’s parents get visitation (Twin Peaks, Calif.)
A rescued 8-year old boy with autism will not be returned to his parents, at least for the time being. Joshua Robb went missing earlier this week in the San Bernardino Mountains. Read more.

Pioneer Center boosts focus on autism services (Chillicothe, Ohio)
The Pioneer Center, using a plan several years in the making, has sharpened its focus on the autism spectrum disorders that are thought to affect more than half of the school’s students. Read more.

Understanding Autism (Canada)
David Patchell-Evans says he felt powerless as he watched his daughter, Kilee, turn “literally overnight” from a sweet, friendly toddler into a three-year-old who would bite her little sister till she bled, who would wake up every night screaming and who had suddenly lost all her vocabulary. Read more.

The puzzles of autism (Canada)
On a typical Saturday afternoon, Paolo Puno sits at the dining room table poring over his iPad. The Richmond eightyear-old is concentrating deeply on his computer game, a puzzle that involves using straight lines to slice up complex shapes into equal pieces. Paolo strokes the touch screen with his fingers. Read more.

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