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Autism in the News – 09.15.11

Autistic ‘Elopers’: Technology Helps Track Kids Who Bolt (ABC News)
The successful search for a missing autistic boy in Southern California who was found safe and sound this week is a happy but humbling end to a common tale. Read more.

Researchers with Vanderbilt, Seaside Therapeautics develop drug-like molecule to treat Fragile X (Nashville, Tenn.)
Researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, in collaboration with Seaside Therapeutics in Cambridge, Mass., have achieved a milestone in the development of a potential new treatment for fragile X syndrome, the most common genetic cause of autism, according to a news release from Vanderbilt. Read more.

How brains of autistic children differ (News Chief)
The brains of autistic children have a distinctive topography that a team of Stanford University scientists was able to capture using new imaging techniques, with the hope of someday creating a template for the autistic brain that could be used to diagnose kids at an early age. Read more.

A newsmaker you should know: Speech pathologist finds her drive in autism research (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
As a speech pathologist, Diane Williams of McCandless would often treat children with learning disabilities who also had language development issues. Read more.

Autism Housing in Ramsey gets approved (Ramsey, N.J.)
The Planning Board last week approved several variances, including one for square footage, in paving the way for the development of a housing complex for adults with special needs on Airmount Avenue. Read more.

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