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September 15 Autism America Radio!

On September 15, Autism America Radio, presented by Verango, will welcome author Monica Holloway as a special guest!

Join host Matthew Asner for two hours of talk and interviews every Saturday 3-5PM PT on KTLK 1150 in Los Angeles. Want to participate? Call in studio 877-520-1150!

Listen online here and as podcast on iTunes! You can also visit Autism America Radio on Facebook!

  1. September 18, 2011 at 12:11 am

    Im todays caller Paula, (the preschool director) from LA,I wish i had gotten to say that in california after the cuts to early intervention services (after last years Ca. budget cuts) that most young kids on the spectrum are only getting an hour or two a week of pt,ot or speech (mostly because they are paid for by private insurance. Centerbased early intervention is no longer even offered to them by the regional centers. Most of the kids are shuffled off to “regular preschool,” i.e. headstart or other most of which do not have trained teachers or the low teacher child ratio required to do a good job of intervening with these kids. The public schools are no better after the kids turn 3, the public schools usually give parents two choices, a ASRD class of 6 to 10 children, all of whom have autism or other significant developmental delay or regular preschool iwith a untrained aide whose main job is to keep the child out of trouble. The problem with that system is that in the ASRD classroom, most kids cannot talk and most are not behaving in an appropriate manner so the child on the spectrum is surrounded all day by atypical kids behaving in inappropriate ways.
    I have been in this field for 30plus years and I think it is an outrage because for the child with the disability, the years between birth and 5 are the time when the brain is forming and that is the window of opportunity to make significant changes in the childs functioning. Its a travesty to minimize services to them at that crucial time.

    . Keep up the good work. Your doing a great service educating the public.
    Paula Jeppson, M.A, ATR-BC
    Executive Director
    Covina Development Center

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