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Autism in the News – 09.14.11

Elation greets discovery of missing autistic boy, 8, in forest (Los Angeles Times)
Joshua Robb endured hard rains and cold weather overnight near Lake Arrowhead after he ran away from school. He was in ‘pretty good shape’ in a rugged ravine more than a mile from the campus. Read more.

Personalized autism education in Mansfield (Mansfield, Calif.)
When Tiegan Franta was just 6 months old, her mother already was touring preschools. Read more.

Police autism registry ready to roll (The Windsor Star)
Many worried caregivers will have “peace of mind” Monday when Windsor police launch an online registry to eliminate risks of confrontation between autistic people and unsuspecting officers. Read more.

DynaVox Maestro gives 10-year-old with autism chance to communicate (The Beacon News)
Zakari Johnson was diagnosed with autism at age 2, and has been nonverbal for most of his life. But thanks to an innovative communication tool and a mom who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, Zakari has a voice. Read more.

Governor wants Michigan to become healthier state (Grand Rapids, Mich.)
Gov. Rick Snyder wants to give a booster shot to Michigan’s health care system by tackling obesity, getting more people into wellness programs and setting up an exchange where citizens and businesses can buy health insurance. The Republican governor unveiled his plans Wednesday in a special message to the Legislature on health and wellness at the Heart of the City Health Center in Grand Rapids. Read more.

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