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Autism in the News – 09.09.11

Field Trips Help Prepare Autistic Adults for Air Travel (Atlanta, Ga.)
For autistic adults, activities like traveling or boarding a plane can be overwhelming, even stressful.  But a little practice goes a long way.  Read more.

Neighbors gather to remember 5-year-old (Hampton, Va.)
Early Thursday, crews in Hampton pulled the body of Kaymania Catta from a lake near her home on Triton Way in Hampton. Read more.

Grieving Autism? Not so much (SF Gate)
When Tom Fields-Meyer’s son Ezra was a toddler and showing early signs of autism, a therapist suggested that the father allow himself time to mourn. Read more.

International autism experts gather in Australia (Australia) 
International autism experts are in Australia to present their latest research at the Asia Pacific Autism conference being held in Perth. More than 13-hundred people from 22 countries are attending the conference which has heard the condition is on the rise across the globe. Read more.

Famed Autism self-advocate stops in Albany (Albany, Ga.)
The heroine of a highly acclaimed HBO movie stopped by Albany on Thursday to inspire and motivate those living with autism. Phoebe Putney is responsible for the visit. Read more.

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