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Autism in the News – 09.01.11

Autistic man survives Rolling Meadows mom, grandma killed in DUI (Rolling Meadows, Ill.)
The Rolling Meadows mother and daughter killed Sunday near Peotone in a DUI crash are being remembered as a selfless and inseparable pair who were something of pioneers in the raising of an autistic boy 40 years ago. Read more.

Incredible Kid With Autism Needs Help Raising $1 Million for the Cause (The Stir)
It may be the biggest myth about autism out there: that kids on the spectrum can’t form social relationships, that they don’t feel for other people the way that “regular” people do. Try telling that toChristian Mast. The 10-year-old from upstate New York has tried everything from selling his toys to running a lemonade stand because he wants to help people. Now he’s on a mission to sell 1 million puzzle piece placards to raise $1 million for Autism Speaks. Oh yeah, and Christian has autism. Read more.

Special performance of ‘Lion King’ on Broadway planned for children with autism (Syracuse, N.Y.)
Just as “The Lion King” will be packing up in Syracuse from its month-long run, Broadway will introduce a modified version for a special performance. Read more.

Having an accessible playground in Thunder Bay (Canada)
There has been a lot of questions surrounding the issue of accessible playgrounds in Thunder Bay. A fully accessible playground goes past just installing ramps and rubber mats. Read more.

Somber sky (The Gazette)
My youngest daughter, who has Asperger’s/autism, was in second grade at Bowman Woods at this time. Within a few days after 9/11, as she was outside playing, she came running in our front door terrified that she saw and heard a plane. She asked me with big, wide eyes and a tremble in her voice, “Mommy, is that a good plane or a bad plane out there?” This just tore my heart out the instant she asked this, and I then realized just how much she was impacted by this horrible attack on our nation. Read more.

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