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Autism in the News – 08.30.11

Autism experts study in vitro fertilization (Montreal Gazette)
In vitro fertilization, which Quebec provides free to infertile couples, may be another link in the spike in autism, a mysterious neurological disorder that affects cognition, communication and behaviour of toddlers and children. Read more.

College Options For Autistic Students and Students with Disabilities (Care 2 Make a Difference)
Colleges recently reported to the U.S. Department of Education that, among students with disabilities, 31 percent have some kind of learning disability. Starting in January, the  Sage Colleges in Albany, NY, will be offering a new all-online bachelor’s degree program, the Achieve Degree, designed specifically for students on the autism spectrum and for students with learning disabilities. Read more.

Autism lobbyists say ‘Kennett-style gag’ fine (Australia)
AN autism lobby group in Melbourne’s west says an alleged “gag order” placed on a special-school principal by the Liberal Party is “fair enough”. Education Minister Martin Dixon has been accused of applying a “Kennett-style gag” to Western Autistic School principal Val Gill. Read more.

Autism Legislation: What It Means for Your Child (Business West)
Imagine this: an issue so big that when the governor signs a much-anticipated bill into law so many parents and families want to view the historic event that the signing has to take place at Fenway Park in Boston, instead of the State House, to accommodate the crowd. Read more.

Support builds for autism group (New Zealand)
Support groups for parents whose children have autism disorders are sprouting up across the region since Autism Waikato went into recess. Read more.

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