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Autism in the News – 08.29.11

Tipton fights son’s autism (Long Beach, Calif.)
Jane Tipton’s gour children are her life, and there’s nothing the 43-year-old single mother wouldn’t do for them. Read more.

Temple Grandin: Awesome autistic, revered ‘rock star’ (The Inquirer)
First time he read the script of “Temple Grandin,” British documentarist and filmmaker Mick Jackson knew he wanted to do it, and do it right. Read more.

Autism research budget is embarrassingly small (MyCentralNewJersey.com)
It is the silent scourge that creates Grand Canyonesque shattering shock waves throughout countless American households. It is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication; and by restricted and repetitive behavior; whose signs surface before a child is 3 years old. It has no known cure for the childhood victims; it lashes out to create immense havoc both of the psychological and physical nature for their for parents; the identity of this monstrous affliction that steals childhoods is autism. Read more.

More than $10,000 raised for autism service dog (Canada)
The Grande Prairie Firefighters’ Association raised more than $10,000 as it rowed close to 1,000-kilometres for a cause. Read more.

Girls with autism face adjustments in middle school (The Brownsville Herald)
When Maggie was little, she was a very precocious child. The family attributed the girl’s trouble sitting still to her constant curiosity. As a student, Maggie always did average to above average work in school. However, as the girl grew older, her behavior and disposition began to change. Maggie’s parents started noticing that their daughter was no longer fitting in with other children her age.  Read more.

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    August 29, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    hi my name is joe and i believe my son is autisic he is 19 and i am very sad and i no he is as well, how do i get help ? how do i get tested at this age. He had led poison and started to have seizures as a baby but as time goes on it does seem he is autistic, is this possible where do i go, i get so fustrated very easy by the things he does..please please help us

  2. Pam Phelps
    August 30, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Looking for a physician in Nashville (or surrounding areas) Tennessee accepting ADULT patients with Autism on Tenncare. Please help!

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