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Autism in the News – 08.23.11

Travel With Disabled Kids Worth The Effort (CNN)
Twelve-year-old Peter Mance knows every street before he sets foot in a city. It’s not because he’s visited before. It’s because he’s autistic and has an uncanny ability to memorize maps. Read more.

A Celluloid Glimpse Into World of Autism (Jakarta Globe)
Our minds may skip over many details, but Temple Grandin, a professor at Colorado State University in the United States, says her mind works differently.  Read more.

Schools put iPad, apps to use to help special-needs students (Lakewood, N.J.)
Anthony Leuck of Berkeley is used to communicating in ways that aren’t quite conventional. Read more.

Autism Lawsuit Against DOE Could Cost State “Millions” (Hawaii Reporter)
A much-delayed lawsuit concerning the Hawaii public school system’s treatment of two autistic girls in the mid-1990’s is set to go to trial in October and could cost the state “millions of dollars” in damages for each of the girls, according to public records. Read more.

Why The Autism Community Is Tightly Connected (HealthyState.org)
The What to Expect books hadn’t prepared her for this. Johanna O’Toole’s son, Kevin, was 18 months old when a pediatrician first said the word: Autism. Read more.


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