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Autism in the News – 08.16.11

Autism Risk for Siblings Higher Than Expected (The New York Times)
Parents who have a child with autism have about a 1 in 5 chance of having a second child with autism, a far greater risk than previously believed, new research shows. Read more.

Missing Autistic Teen from Connecticut Found Safe in Virginia (Third Age)
A Connecticut teenager with a form of autism who went missing last week was found safe in Virginia, the Associated Press reports. Read more.

An autistic boy in the classroom (UK)
Last year, a child named Omer* was enrolled in the class that I taught, in a well-recognized school, in Lahore. His parents, however, failed to inform me about the crucial information that Omer had a developmental disorder. He was autistic. Read more.

On the Spectrum: Recommended books about autism (Lake-County Record Bee)
My columns about Asperger syndrome and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) periodically inspire questions and comments from people who seek further information. Read more.

Temple Grandin explains autism to gathering of freshmen at UAB (Birmingham, Ala.)
Parents, teachers and doctors can do more to understand autism and help children diagnosed with it learn to manage and even overcome it, said Temple Grandin, one of the most famous self-advocates for autism awareness. Read more.

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