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Autism in the News – 08.15.11

Siblings Face High Recurrence Risk for Autism (ABC News)
One month before William and Carissa Hawn’s second son was born, their first son, Logan, then 3, was diagnosed with autism. Read more.

Local psychologist writes new book on autism (Needham, Mass.)
Psychologist Albert Cotugno of Needham, who has 35 years of clinical experience treating children with autism spectrum disorders, said a dichotomy exists in individuals whose behavior does not reflect their craving for social relationships. Read more.

Labeling Autism and Creating Community (The Huffington Post)
My son Sam’s recent birthday party was a festival of so-called “high functioning” autism. One young guest tried to guess my phone number without any hints. Another refused to go on the carousel until performing a careful study of its mechanics. Read more.

VIDEO: Volunteers Pitch in to Search for Missing Teen in New Haven (Bethwood Patch)
The death of a beloved horse may have triggered the mysterious disappearance of a Middletown teen whom police have been searching for since early Thursday, his father said Sunday. Clark Carman said his son, Nathan, was still mourning a horse that died in January. Read more.

Children With Autism, Connecting via Transit (The New York Times)
Ravi Greene can tell you how to get anywhere in New York City by transit — like the beach, on the 6 train. Read more.

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  1. Chris Robison
    August 15, 2011 at 12:15 pm

    IF YOU DON’t Have the POLITICAL WILL to confront the powers that be, about one of the most glaringly obvious connections: Multiple Vaccinations/dipth/whooping C/etc. Then really all of your other work here is severely compromised.

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