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Autism in the News – 08.09.11

‘Environment’ Poses a Knotty Challenge in Autism (The New York Times)
Parents of children with autism often ask pediatricians like me about the cause of the condition, and parents-to-be often ask what they can do to reduce the risk. But although there is more research in this area than ever before, it sometimes feels as if it’s getting harder, not easier, to provide answers that do justice to the evidence and also offer practical guidance. Read more.

The Internet, Autism, and ‘Greenfieldisms’ (The Wall Street Journal)
The Oxford neuroscientist Susan Greenfield is concerned about childrens’ immersion in the world of video games and the Internet—to say the least. She has repeatedly said that technology is changing the brains of young people, most likely for the worse. When New Scientist recently asked her to cite some of the evidence for that claim, she replied: Read more.

Pitts: Fayetteville City Council gets second chance at right decision on Loopey the pig (Fay Observer)
City Council members might get a chance to re-visit one of their worst recent decisions, when they needlessly helped separate an autistic boy from his cherished pet. Read more.

Meet Zoey Roberts, a Proud Canadian on the Autism Spectrum (About.com)
Today’s blog is from Zoey Roberts, who introduces herself below.  Zoey has created a strong and active online presence, and I have “virtually” known her for several years.  If you are interested in Zoey’s mention of synesthesia and echolalia, you can learn more about both at the links I’ve provided.  BTW: synesthesia is often considered to be a gift; my son can “play” a flower garden by matching the notes he hears in his head with colors of the flowers he sees! Read more.

Md. mom who killed son agonized over school costs (Washington, D.C.)
A Maryland psychiatrist who killed her son and then herself left behind a suicide note that talked about mounting debt and conflicts with her child’s school district. Read more.


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  1. August 30, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    With regards to the article on Zoey Roberts, she falsely accused Midnight In Chicago volunteers of posting negative comments to the story on Autism.about.com. Zoey has since apologized for publishing her false allegations against the MIC volunteers. For those who would like to read more on the subject, here are links providing additional information on Zoey Roberts.





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