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Autism in the News- 07.28.11

New mobile app to give people with autism a voice (Ireland)
Lisa Domican has created an app that aims to revolutionise how people with autism communicate with others based on the principle of picture exchange communication. Read more.

Autism conference puts focus on technology (Billings, Mont.)
An autism conference being held in Billings is focusing on how those with autism can use technology to better their lives. Read more.

Fund-raiser at AB&G generates $6,300 for autism programs (Allendale, N.J.)
With the help of friends, family and the Allendale Bar and Grill, 21-year-old Allendale resident Erin Tobin held her autism awareness fund-raiser on July 18 and raised $6,300 to be donated to a school for those living with autism. Read more.

Walk in the Park for Developmental Disabilities Institute A Runaway Success (Smithtown, N.Y.)
Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI), the largest service provider for children and adults with autism on Long Island, hosted its annual “Walk in the Park” on Sunday, July 24, to promote community support for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. DDI is expected to raise approximately $30,000 as the money is still coming in to help fund the vital programs and services DDI provides to over 5,000 families served by their educational and residential programs, adult day training and medical services. Read more.

Moray family’s theatre complaint over autistic son (U.K.)
A family say they have been overwhelmed by support for their autistic son who they claim was asked to leave a theatre because he was making too much noise. Read more.

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