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Autism in the News – 07.26.11

Proposed charter school would help those with autism, cognitive disorders (The Gainesville Sun)
A 19-year-old in Jimmie Hackley’s group home can’t recite his ABCs despite being enrolled in county public schools, Hackley said. “That, to me, is absurd,” Hackley said. “He can’t count to 10, but he can learn.” Read more.

Ozzy Osbourne Buys $10,000 Rescue Dog for Sharon at Charity Event (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Rocker Ozzy Osbourne has a soft side which he demonstrated on Saturday in Los Angeles at the Design Care event hosted by the HollyRod Foundation. Ozzy saw his wife admiring a rescue dog, more specifically a Yorkshire terrier, which was being auctioned off to benefit Holly Robinson Peete’s foundation which focus on helping families cope with autism and Parkinson’s disease. Read more.

A New Twist On An Old Hobby (Highland Park Patch)
When I was a kid, I loved collecting baseball cards. Back then, my friends and I would stop by a little mom and pop candy store as we walked home from school to pick up a pack of cards. Read more.

Lose the Training Wheels bike camp starts (Charleston, S.C.)
The Down Syndrome Association of the Lowcountry(DSAL) is pleased to bring the Lose the Training Wheels (LTTW) bike camp back to the Lowcountry for the second time. Read more.

Staten Island mother battles for a cure for autism (Staten Island, N.Y.)
When a mother sees her child sick or in pain, her maternal instincts take over. She will do anything and everything in her power to heal whatever ails her offspring, no matter how enormous the sacrifices or logic-defying the path. Read more.

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