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Autism in the News – 07.22.11

Language software promises to help children with autism (Smart Planet)
Oakland, Calif.-based firm Scientific Learning on Friday announced the launch of new software it says can help improve language and communication skills in children with autism. Read more.

Dog works with autistic kids, ‘Annie’ (News-Press)
She’s been onstage only two weeks, but already Bella acts like a diva. Minutes before showtime, the dog starts barking outside her handler’s dressing room at Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. Read more.

Thoughts and strategies: taking a child with autism to a restaurant (Autism Support Network)
One of the harder things about having a child with Autism is dealing with the public. Whether it’s having to explain to other people, dealing with the judging stares or just giving up on the public entirely (no more eating out)… it’s a very hard situation to have to face. Read more.

Kids with Autism Enjoy Local Summer Camp (Las Cruces, N.M.)
Summer camps provide wonderful memories for the children who get to experience them, but not all receive the opportunity to attend camp. New Mexico State University helped combat this problem in June with Camp New Amigos, a summer camp for children with autism. Read more.

A helping hand for people with autism in the workforce (Singapore)
Where employers once shunned from hiring people with autism, there is now unprecedented interest in hiring these workers and the need to support such employers who might not know where to begin. Read  more.

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  1. August 5, 2011 at 9:13 am

    I’m so happy to see that employers are now willing to employ people with autism in Singapore. Any type of mental health issues are shunned away and are somewhat taboo so it’s great seeing an initiative like this.

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