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Autism in the News – 07.19.11

Mercy Health Center to open school for autistic children in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City, Okla.)
Children with autism and patients who need rehabilitation will find help in a new multimillion-dollar Mercy Health Center school and hospital. Read more.

Florida Tech in Melbourne helps Dubai government create autism program (Florida Today)
The international reach of autism showed up in a distant corner of the globe earlier this year, as a small group of educators from Florida Tech traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Read more.

Extraordinary Artist Stephen Wiltshire Sees Cities Once, Draws Detailed Panoramas From Memory (ABC News)
Stephen Wiltshire is an accomplished artist known around the world for his amazingly detailed panoramic landscapes, which sell for thousands of dollars. What makes his talent seem superhuman is that he needs to see the landscapes only once to reproduce the images from memory. Read more.

Faking autism to get help for kids, according to claims made by Autism Spectrum Australia (Australia)
Some parents and doctors are colluding to deliberately misdiagnose school children as autistic so they can get help for other problems, a medical professional claims. Read more.

It’s a Match! Couple Makes Sure Service Dogs and Owners are ‘Perfect Fit’ (Cranberry Patch)
Jim and Susan Wagner of the Perfect Fit Canines organization work with Misty Pines Dog Park Company in Wexford to provide service dogs for people with autism spectrum disorders. Read more.

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