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Autism in the News – 07.15.11

California health insurers agree to cover autism therapy (Sacramento, Calif.)
Blue Shield of California and Anthem Blue Cross have agreed to cover the initial cost of autism therapy for a minimum of six months. Read more.

Autism meeting shares life strategies (Orlando, Fla.)
His name tag reads “Christopher Payne, Individual with Autism, Computer Geek.” The first label is one the 14-year-old will wear all his life. The second is one that, thanks to persistent parents and professionals pushing back the barriers of autism, he can take pride in. Read more.

Opening the doors into the world of children’s autism (The Bolton News)
Researchers at the University of Bolton have developed a groundbreaking new tool that could eventually improve the lives of autistic children and their families all over the world. Read more.

When the “Autism Classroom” Doesn’t Fit (About.com)
The educational world has a tough time with providing appropriate educational supports for individual kids.  And that’s understandable: it’s a whole lot easier to create an “autism classroom” than it is to meet the needs of individual children one at a time.  And so, in many districts, classrooms are created around an understanding of what it means to be autistic.  Generally speaking, it’s assumed that kids in that classroom will have these characteristics: Read more.

Special Kids’ Painting Expo Opens (Bangladesh)
 A weeklong exhibition of some 70 paintings of special children from various special schools has commenced in the DRIK Gallery of the city’s Dhanmondi area.  Read more.


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