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Autism in the News – 07.13.11

Study: Siblings of Autistic Kids Show Similar Brain Activity  (TIME)
The genetic roots of autism may reach further in families than previously thought, according to new research. Read more.

Risk factors for autism remain elusive (New York, N.Y.)
Research has hinted that various factors around the time of birth may raise a child’s risk of autism later in life, but there is still too little evidence to point to specific culprits, a US study said. Experts have long believed that genes play a key role in autism risk, but the study released last week found that genes appeared to explain a much smaller portion of the risk than previously suggested. Read more.

Father sues care home over death in van (Philly.com)
The father of a severely autistic man whose caretaker left him to die in a sweltering van last summer is suing the Bucks County facility he entrusted with his son’s care. Read more.

Former Memphis Man Charged With Dismembering Child In New York City (Brooklyn, N.Y.)
A two-state investigation is now underway to figure out why Levi Aron, 35, murdered and dismembered an autistic boy who was lost and trying to find his way home, according to the NYPD. Read more.

Insider: Nationwide Tour important part of Els’ career (Nationwide Tour)
Before Ernie Els was an international star he was like a lot of golfers who need a place to play to refine their talents. So like many others, Els turned to the Nationwide Tour. Read more.


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