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Autism in the News – 07.08.11

National Class Action Status Sought Against CIGNA in Philadelphia Over Denial of ABA Therapy For Autism (Philadelphia, Penn.)
A federal court in Philadelphia is reviewing a motion for class action in a lawsuit brought by the father of an autistic child against CIGNA Insurance over its policy of denying insurance coverage for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy. Read more.

Glasses remove guessing from reading emotions (Montreal Gazette)
Airport security may see through your body, but new “social X-ray specs” peer right into your soul. Well, kind of. Read more.

Harry Potter And The Well Of Medical Research (Los Angeles Times)
Who knew the world of Harry Potter was such a rich source of material for medical researchers? For more than a decade, the phenomenally popular series has provided grist for studies on topics ranging from genetics to social cognition to autism. Read more.

Mommy blogger writes about family, autism (The Miami County Republic)
With 4,500 to 5,000 page views a month, stay-at-home-mom Rebecca Madrid-Burton’s blog may start bringing in some income for her family, but her reason for starting it was for her own well-being. Read more.

The Surf Report: bad weather, good waves (Ireland)
The SURF2HEAL Program is Ireland’s first surf camp for kids with autism. It’s a non-profit organization and was the brain child of GTown Surf School’s John Hynes and Alayne and Nollaig Hayes, whose son has autism. Read more.

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