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Autism in the News – 06.27.11

San Leandro woman hopes for new autistic basketball league (San Leandro, Calif.)
Laura Bradshaw-Ve’e knows the social isolation and loneliness that autistic children must learn to deal with. Her 10-year-old son, William, is autistic with limited verbal skills. Read more.

‘Pump It Up’ accommodates autistic kids (Chicago, Ill.)
The nation’s largest indoor inflatable playground, Pump It Up recently started making accommodations for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Read more.

St. Johnsbury Boy Creates Soda Company To Raise Money For Autism (VPR News)
If you’re feeling thirsty and you happen to live in the Northeast Kingdom you might try “Kent’s Soda,” a soft drink developed by a nine-year old entrepreneur with autism. Read more.

Chance meeting was fate for James and Eddie (Herald Sun)
James is terrified of dogs. But the eight-year-old, who has severe autism and epilepsy, is calmed by Eddie’s presence. The two lived just a few doors apart in Balwyn and first bumped into each other about six weeks ago. Read more.

Devoted to the cause (Evesham, Penn.)
Matt Cortland is devoted to serving. From the days of raising autism awareness at Cherokee High School to being instrumental in the creation of a mentoring program at Rutgers University over the last few years, Cortland has been committed. Read more.


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