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Autism in the News – 06.20.11

Autism Center in Joplin, Mo. Hopes to Rebuild (Joplin, Mo.)
The Ozark Center for Autism in Joplin, Mo. says it remains committed to rebuilding its nationally-renowned program after the center was demolished by a deadly tornado that struck the city of Joplin last month, the Associated Press reports. Read more.

Autism bill passes state Legislature unanimously (Staten Island, N.Y.)
A bill that would provide health insurance for screening, diagnosis, treatment and therapy for individuals with autism passed the state Legislature unanimously on Friday, a crucial step for families seeking enhanced care for their children, said a Grant City mother. Read more.

Autism never got in the way of Naples grad Ian Liebentritt, on or off the court (Naples, N.Y.)
Ian Liebentritt was just 13 years old when Greece Athena High School’s Jason McElwain, who was diagnosed with autism at a young age, stepped into that national spotlight after playing in the team’s final regular season game. Read more.

Carroll youth coordinating golf outing, raising awareness of autism (Carroll, Penn.)
Michael Collier knows what it’s like to sometimes be misunderstood. As someone who has a form of social autism called Asperger syndrome, Michael admits he has trouble interacting with others, whether it be by failing to notice social cues or struggling to carry on a conversation. Read more.

Two Elk Grove boys skate for autism (Elk Grove, Calif.)
Two Elk Grove youngsters took to the highway for a remarkable journey on specialized skateboards to highlight the challenge of autism. Read more.

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