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Autism in the News 06.10.11

Victory! Maeng Family Won’t Be Forced to Leave Canada Because of Son’s Autism (Canada)
Victory! For a loving Canadian family from Korea, justice has finally been served. After more than 7,000 Change.org members spoke out, and an entire community rushed to the family’s aide, top immigration officials have decided not to banish the Moncton-based Maeng family from Canada because of costs associated with their youngest son’s education and medical treatments.  Read more.

UT opening autism center (Toledo Blade)
The University of Toledo Health Science Campus will hold a grand opening at 1:30 p.m. Friday for its Center for Excellence in Autism in the Kobacker Center. A ribbon-cutting ceremony will open the renovated 2,700-square-foot center at the former Medical College of Ohio. Read more.

Project Lifesaver Rescues Five (5) in Less Than a Week (Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.)
It’s that time of the year to be out and about, however, as the warmer months approach, caregivers who have loved ones with Alzheimer’s, Autism, or any other cognitive condition need to be on alert because the rates for wandering increase during the warmer months.  Since the middle of February, the Project Lifesaver program has rescued more than sixty (60) individuals and just in the past week, we have successfully rescued another five (5) individuals that went wandering. Read more.

Pitt seeks participants in childhood autism study (Pittsburgh Post Gazette)
The University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health has begun a three-year study to help identify environmental and other factors that may put children at risk for developing autism spectrum disorders. Read more.

Bills ramping up autism treatment funding await Nev. governor’s OK after a session in limbo (Carson City, Nev.)
Shannon Springer said she was in panic mode when she heard earlier in the year that Nevada’s autism treatment programs were on the chopping block in Gov. Brian Sandoval’s original round of deep budget cuts. Read more.

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