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Autism in the News – 06.09.11

New Clues on Genetic Causes of Autism (WedMD)
Genetic mutations not inherited from parents appear to explain some cases of autism, new research suggests. And the mutations may number in the hundreds. Read more.

Research ‘solidifies’ autism, genetic link (Newsday.com)
New research adds weight to a growing body of evidence that autism is caused by scores of rare genetic mutations, most of which occur spontaneously at conception and aren’t passed from parent to child. Read more.

Are chemicals contributing to autism rise? (Boston.com)
Could household chemicals be causing an increase in autism? The evidence isn’t cut and dried, but a coalition of environmental and health advocates said yesterday that it’s suggestive enough for people to worry. Read more.

Parents still have lingering doubts over dangers of early vaccinations for children: new study (The New York Daily News)
Most parents are immunizing their children against diseases – but reluctantly, a new study shows. Read more.

Event to benefit Autism Speaks (NorthJersey.com)
The first Autism Charity Event in the borough will aid children with autism and their families. The Northern New Jersey Autism Speaks Community Awareness Committee is hosting the Autism Charity Event. The event will help raise money for Hawthorne resident Johanna Burke, her son, Aidan, and their walk team — Team Hawthorne United. All proceeds will go to benefit Autism Speaks. Read more.

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