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Autism in the News – 05.12.11

FedEx 400 Benefitting Autism Speaks (Yahoo Sports)
The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series heads to Dover International Speedway for Sunday’s FedEx 400 Benefitting Autism Speaks. The event is the first of two Cup race there this season. Read more. 

Child With Autism May Affect Family Income (San Diego, Calif.)
Having a child with autism adversely affects family employment and income, new research suggests. Mothers of children with autism are less likely to be employed than other mothers and likely to earn less when they do work, says researcher David Mandell, ScD, associate director of the Center for Autism Research at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Fathers aren’t affected in the same ways. Read more.

Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity Linked to Autism (San Diego, Calif.)
Women who have diabetes, high blood pressure, or are obese before pregnancy are more likely to have a child with autism, according to new research. Read more.

Alternative autism treatments can be appealing to desperate parents (The Los Angeles Times)
After her daughter Jodie was diagnosed with autism, Alison Singer went online, searching desperately for anything that looked like it might help her little girl. Read more.

Past Pfizer autism unit chief to join major advocacy group (The Day)
The former head of Pfizer Inc.’s autism unit in Groton has landed a new job at Autism Speaks, the nation’s leading advocacy group for people with the neurological disorder. Read more.


  1. Vicky
    May 13, 2011 at 12:36 pm

    I wanted to write a comment on the research done by Irva Hertz Picciotto. It all points to the mother being the problem and actually the cause of her child’s autism. This is rediculous and not even worth considering. The sample was much too small to make the claims she has regarding a woman’s heath or poor health being directly linked to causing Autism. We in the community are so sick of all the bad science. If you look at this person’s other research a theme emerges; women are the cause of their children’s Autism. Shame on her! I had none of these health problems and my son is Autistic. Let’s start looking at what really happened, no matter how scared that makes us that we may be stepping on the toes of big agrabusiness in this country. Please stop doing these rediculous and expensive studies. People who are well educated scientists, some of whom are parents of Autistic children, are not going to let you get away with this junk science.

  1. May 12, 2011 at 4:28 pm

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