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Autism in the News – 05.10.11

Study: Autism May Be More Common Than Thought (WebMD)
A “startling” one in 38 children has autism, South Korean and U.S. researcher find. The estimate is far higher than CDC’s estimate of one in 110 children, as the study found many school kids have mild, undiagnosed autism. Read more.

Roaming by children with autism worries parents (The Kansas City Star)
Half of children with autism are prone to wandering, sometimes for hours, a dangerous behavior pattern that can start before kindergarten, a national survey has quantified for the first time. Read more.

Mother killed autistic son ‘to get rest’, court hears (UK)
Yvonne Freaney, 49, who had marital difficulties, was found in a hotel room with multiple knife wounds, but survived. She told police that her son, Glen, was in heaven, adding: “He’ll be happy now.” Read more.

Els for Autism Golf Challenge June 20 in Hayward (SF Gate)
A little over a year ago Ernie Els and his wife Liezl revealed that their son Ben who was then 5, is affected by autism. Read more.

Local students with autism given presidential award (KGET)
The Independence High School Falcon Autistic Solar Team (FAST) was recognized Monday by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Read more.


  1. May 10, 2011 at 8:07 am

    Autism: 1 in 4…Give it, ah, about…Well, hell…anyone a mathmetician around here? What was it, 4 in 10,000 about 20 years ago? As it becomes more lucrative, it becomes more common;

    Let’s see… 1 out of 38 = .026
    4 out of 10,000 = .0004

    That an increase of 6500%

    The stock market went from about 3,000 in that time, to about 12,000 today. That’s only an increase of 400%

    Autism is a lucrative business!!!!

    Hope y’all can afford to send your kids to college on our kids backs!!

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