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Autism in the News – 05.06.11

Maryland suspends autism doctor’s license (Baltimore, Md.)
Maryland officials are suspending the license of a doctor nationally known for treating autism with a drug that decreases hormone production. Read more.

Study links autism risk to season of conception (ABC News)
Researchers have found a clear correlation between the month a child was conceived and their risk of being diagnosed with autism. Read more.

DUDRA BUTLER: For some, every month is Autism Awareness Month (San Angelo, Texas)
During Autism Awareness Month in April, I was enlightened by the profound love and devotion that comes from parents, teachers and professionals alike. Read more.

Just Ask Jo: How do I deal with strangers who judge my autistic son? (The Orange County Register)
Dear Jo: I have a special needs son with autism, and sometimes when we are out in public, he begins to act out. Strangers seem to think it’s okay to offer their opinions on how to “handle” my son, and those who don’t confront me just glare at us. I am beginning to avoid going out with my kids because I’m tired of being harassed by people. Read more.

Berry sweet: S.C. Strawberry Festival Queens crowned (Fort Mill, S.C.)
Twenty-one contestants vying for three crowns danced to an opening number Thursday night at Nation Ford High School. Then they showed off fitness gear and evening wear before three were crowned in the 2011 S.C. Strawberry Festival Pageant. Read more.

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