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Autism in the News – 05.05.11

Board: Drug therapy for children with autism was risky (The Chicago Tribune)
A doctor nationally known for treating autism with a drug sometimes used to chemically castrate sex offenders has been suspended from practicing medicine in his home state of Maryland after state officials determined he is putting children at risk. Read more.

Most adults don’t know they suffer from autism (India)
A study has found that most adults, who were identified with autism or asperger’s syndrome, did not know they had the condition. Read more.

Mets hold Autism Awareness Day on Saturday (New York, N.Y.)
The Mets announced Wednesday that they will host their annual Autism Awareness Day this Saturday at Citi Field, in an effort to raise money for the New York autism community. Read more.

Autism therapy gets results (The State)
Chase Batten took turns rolling the dice with his therapist. The 10-year-old read instructions and connected the intricate pieces of the board game Mouse Trap. He beeped like heavy equipment backing up when he had to turn the entire board around. Read more.

Friends Liz Sinclair and Tracey O’Hara hand over bumper cheque for Lamington based charity Clannalba (Scotland)
Liz and Tracey, along with Liz’s grant hand over the bumper cheque after running the Alloa Half Marathon Read more.

  1. May 7, 2011 at 2:36 am

    Autism in the News – 05.05.11
    Wow. If this is true about subsidies, what an amazing situation we find ourselves in. With all of the smart people interested in making positive changes, they need this information if they don’t already have it.
    What can we do?

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