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Autism in the News – 05.03.11

Brain Size, Early Growth: Clues to Autism’s Causes (TIME)
There’s been a lot of news recently about efforts to detect signs of autism in children earlier — even before age 2, which is when doctors typically make the first diagnosis based on toddlers’ behavior and development. (Read about these efforts here and here.) Now a new study sheds light on another key issue — why autistic children tend to develop larger brains than those without the condition. Read more.

Preterm Infants Prone to Autism Misdiagnosis (Psych Central)
Children who test positive in an autism screening at 18 months of age — but who were also born very prematurely — may not actually have the disorder. Read more.

Autism: How To Live with the Fear of the Unknown (Technorati)
People fear and hate what they don’t understand. This is a given, and has played itself out throughout history. From the attacks of religious “mysteries” in the Ancient world to modern day fear around, well, just about everything, we seem to thrive on the thrill of fear. We even have a whole industry in the media designed to either insight panic or deliberately scare us through fictional movies. Autism is no exception. Read more.

Cost often puts autism treatment out of reach (The Iowa Independent)
Willey Gale, a 13-year-old Coralville boy with autism, sat close to his mother, Casey, one March evening counting the days to spring break on her fingers. “Saturday, one. Sunday, two,” he said, clutching a finger for each number. Read more.

An Autism Mom on the Meaning of Mother’s Day (About.com)
Last year was my first Mother’s Day. I don’t remember much of it. Our house was buzzing with activity. It was the weekend of my husband’s graduation. My in-laws and my parents were in town. There was fawning over the baby. There was the successful graduate. There were 3 mothers present for Mother’s Day: me, my mother and my mother-in-law. Read more.


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