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Autism in the News – 05.02.11

Philadelphia Firefighter Rows for Autistic Children (Philadelphia, Penn.)
Braving spring’s whimsical weather and currents on the East Coast, a Philadelphia fireman has been rowing an open wooden boat he built with his own hands on a 425-mile-long journey from Washington to New York to raise awareness for autism. Read more.

Learning to cope with their autistic children (Boston.com)
As Lynn Tougas followed the trial of Kristen LaBrie, she could not help thinking about her own bewildering years caring for an autistic son. They were tough times. Read more.

Life With Autism Means Learning Greater Self-Control (Berkeley Heights Patch)
A unique contradiction of my mental health is that I do have both Asperger’s Syndrome and an anxiety disorder. Any Autism Spectrum Disorder implies the ultimate in rational thinking while a part of my anxiety disorder (whose symptoms mimic those of either panic disorder or OCD) causes me to become distressed over irrational thoughts. Read more.

Art of the innocents (Philippines) 
With the proper motivation or stimulus, a student with autism can form images in his mind. By using his hands, his eyes, his feelings, he is able to synchronize his senses to show them on paper or clay. He undergoes what we call the creative process. This process allows him, nay, gives him the chance to imagine, to choose, to plan, to innovate, to express himself without words. In so doing… the process becomes joyful and emotionally satisfying. It promotes his self-confidence. It becomes therapeutic. He is able to concentrate longer. In his joy with the activity he is able to compare with others and exercise critical thinking. He also learns to share more. For art becomes his pictorial language.” Read more.

Minnesota Woman Comes Full Circle (Atlantic Highland Herald)
Occasionally, life comes full circle. Such has been the case with 59-year-old Rosanne Maas of Coon Rapids, Minnesota. Read more.

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