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It’s Not Too Late To Light It Up Blue with The Home Depot

There is still time to celebrate Autism Awareness Month and Light It Up Blue! Join in the festivities and head to The Home Depot to purchase your very own blue light bulbs and lanterns while they are still available!

Autism Speaks and The Home Depot® have partnered to shine a light on autism during Autism Awareness Month in April. The Home Depot is selling blue Coleman LED lanterns and blue light bulbs, offering people across the country the opportunity to raise autism awareness through Autism Speaks’ Light it Up Blue initiative. A portion of each sale will go to Autism Speaks to fund research, advocacy, family services, and awareness for families struggling with this disorder.

For more information about our partnership, visit here!

  1. vera
    April 21, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    hello my name is Vera, I’m spanish live in the USa most of my life ,my little son have autism, he was diagnose by myself .This iswhat hapened when he started kinder garden with dificulties the school was saying was atention deficit, but i know my son very well bihaving and such loving to me the mother, i can tell was something wrong with him like a small something so i went to websites google about diferent types of autism,and found AShergers syndrome reed and reed a lot ,i saw my child like super calm smart loves matthematics, but made some craki noices with the hands loves craking his bones.i know by then he had Asphergers syndrome, the school told me to not speek spanish to him because was confusing him, i said to my self I’m going to talk to the school sicologist about my thinking. I made an appt and told her i though my son had a very little autism call Ashbergers syndrome, which alowed him to do everything normall, but only chossing to eat some things, and keep everything oneway, having trouble sleeping, and atach to me the mother, he likes me making faces of sad mad happy amazing .Thats my child, i have not find any groups of suport or help in any way, do you sugest me some help so i can spend more time with him and do’t have to work to pay my bills so many hrs.My son is 13 yold, thanks for the reply.vera

  2. Jackie
    April 21, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    Vera, sorry you have not found support in your area. Try contacting your sons’ school. Special Ed teachers should be able help you with local resources. Your church (if you attend one) or your Child’s doctor can also guide you. As for sleep problems, try melantoni ask your doctor for a correct dosage according to his age and weight.
    Think almost everyone wishes we had financial assistance so that we can stay home with our kids. I have never heard of any financial help. On the contrary I find my self working extra hours to afford his treatments and supplements that insurance does not pay.

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