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Autism in the News – 04.11.11

Local libraries get autism materials from foundation (NorthJersey.com)
Libraries across the state, including 19 in North Jersey, have some new resources to offer visitors interested in learning more about autism, thanks to the Karma Foundation and Autism Speaks. Read more.

For National Autism Month, diagnosis and developmental treatment (Citizens Voice)
Children’s Service Center (CSC) has cared for children and adolescents with emotional and mental difficulties since 1862. The mission of the organization is to provide and promote quality services with care and compassion, to enhance the emotional well-being and mental health of children, adolescents and families. Since April is National Autism Month, I have prepared this article to help raise awareness of just one of the mental health issues children deal with today. Read more.

Closing statements due at Kristen LaBrie trial (Lawrence, Mass.)
Closing statements in the attempted murder trial of a Massachusetts woman accused of withholding cancer treatment from her autistic son are getting under way. Read more.

Asheville man with autism lives fully with community support (Asheville, N.C.)
Jesse Wills is everybody’s favorite guy at the restaurant where he works, and he ‘s a son who makes his parents proud everyday. Read more.

School Officials Say Staff Layoffs Would Affect Quality of Education (Seekonk Patch)
In an effort to keep the school board up-to-date on Seekonk’s special education programs, Director of Pupil Personnel Services, Arlene Bosco, presented a detailed special education report during last Wednesday’s meeting. The report highlighted increases of special education students in certain areas – and the surmountable savings the department has been able to save through new programs. Read more.

  1. April 11, 2011 at 1:17 pm

    I am a supporter of Autsim Speaks and a huge fan of James Durbin! I am also the author of a newly released children’s book, “Little Bird You Are Perfect.” (synopsis below)

    Little Bird awakens to a perfect day. It is going to be his first real taste of the real world and he is so excited! What he finds during his adventure, is something entirely different. His excitement about his perfect day turns to sadness when he realizes that he is different from all of the other birds he encounters and is reminded of his differences by a group of more grown up birds who teased him. A visit by Native American Sorceress Kanka, changes Little Bird’s outlook on himself as he gazes into the pools of her eyes and he sees himself as the Great Spirit sees him, perfect in every way! Just like Little Bird, YOU are perfect too!

    This book has received loving and wonderful reviews from parents, educators, and those living with disabilities. I believe it would be a wonderful book for anyone who supports Autism Speaks.

    I would like to use this book to help support Autism Speaks and also James Durbin; raising awareness for the wonderful work that you do and to support such a wonderful talent as James. I would like to offer a signed copy of this book each week that James is in American Idol, through Autism Speaks. I do not know how to go about doing this. Perhaps someone here can help or have some suggestions as to how I could do this?

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