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Autism in the News – 04.07.11

Reconsidering the Nature of Autism (Huffington Post)
“Autism … steals the soul from a child; then, if allowed, relentlessly sucks life’s marrow out of the family members, one by one.” So wrote Dr. Jerry Kartzinel in the introduction to Jenny McCarthy’s bestselling “Louder Than Words.” No wonder, then, that the concept of neurodiversity— the idea that we should understand and accept autistic people as a group that thinks differently from the majority — has proven to be so controversial. Read more.

Ground search ends for missing boy (Canada)
Authorities called off the ground search for a missing threeyear-old autistic boy in Laval, Que., on Wednesday, focusing their attention instead on the river near where he disappeared. Read more.

Film gives voice to autism’s silent minority (USA Today)
A documentary about two middle-aged autistic men and their global journey to change attitudes about autism is on the big screen this month. Read more.

Singer Michelle Williams Takes on Autism (The Atlanta Post)
It’s the best part of who we are. At the core of our human spirit, we’re all called to empower others to live better lives. For you it may look like mentoring a child from your community, or counseling a stranger during their time of need. For Grammy award-winning singer Michelle Williams, however, it looks like her godson and the many faces of TERI.
Read more.

Austin family fights autism (Austin, Texas)
When Danny Muzik celebrates his birthday, the occasion takes a back seat to another event — his autism awareness fundraiser. Read more.

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