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Autism in the News – 04.06.11

Defense claims boy’s death ‘tragic mistake’ (Boston Herald)
The defense attorney for a Salem mother accused of withholding potentially life-saving medication from her cancer-stricken son yesterday said the mom made the “tragic mistake” because she was overwhelmed by caring for the severely autistic and nonverbal boy. Read more.

Autism tests mom and dad (Canada)
Montreal writer Joel Yanofsky admits that his journey towards accepting his son’s diagnosis of autism wasn’t easy. He says he “moped a bit, or more than a bit.” And he knew that if he was going to get any therapy to deal with it or make sense of it, it would have to come through writing. Read more.

Connecting the Dots: Autism Awareness (The Huffington Post)
Dr. Ricki D. Robinson, M.D. honored World Autism Awareness Day with a thoughtful blog that superbly navigates between this steadily rising health concern and a medical model that has been challenged to find either an explanation or a treatment approach. Read more.

Autism Awareness Month: A spectrum of opportunity (Washington Township, N.J.)
It’s tough to distinguish one rowdy group from another crowding the Brunswick Zone here on a recent Saturday afternoon. Read more.

Judge: Minnesota ‘inconsistent’ on autism care (Star Tribune)
A Ramsey County judge has ruled that Minnesota’s Medicaid program has been “inconsistent” in paying for intensive autism treatment for some children while denying it to others. Read more.

  1. kathleen and Arnold Valcour
    April 6, 2011 at 4:07 pm

    This is a message to call attention to Michael Valcour who is autistic and has been instrumental in helping persons in the autistic community. Recently he donated his time and effort to sing at The SENSE Theatre Benefit for autism in collaboration with Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and University School of Nashville Theatre Guild, March 8, 2011. Please view his performance on youtube under Michael Valcour autistic vocalist. He has performed for many other causes for people with disabilities. He also sang in Fairytale Town, Sacramento, CA. For Autism Speaks Aware Event in April 2010. At the age of sixteen he received a Certificate of Recognition from The California Legislature Assembly for volunteer of the year in Marin County for his work with autistic children in a group home. Please google Michael Valcour for more information about his dedicated work. Especially during this month he should be given recognition for all of his selfless giving. Please response with your thoughts in the matter.

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